Rate Card Of Deposit Products


Rate Card Of Deposit Products (wef 02-05-2023)

Type of Deposit Rate of Interest (%)P.A.
Current Deposit No Interest
Savings Deposit 3.00 %

Saving Deposit

For Group (Blood Relatives / Family)

*Average Daily Balance 1 Crore and Above

3.00 %


2.00 %

Term Deposit

Period of Deposit Rate of Interest (%)P.A.
30 Days to 180 Days 4.50%
181 Days to 1 year 5.75%
13 Months to 24 Months 7.00%
25 Months to 36 Months 6.90%
37 Months to 60 Months 6.60%
61 Months to 120 Months 6.00%
444 Days (Samruddhi Thev Yojna)gif 7.20%
555 Days (Special Deposit Scheme)gif 7.10%
666 Days (Samruddhi Thev Yojna)gif 7.10%
777 Days (Samruddhi Thev Yojna)gif 7.10%
888 Days (Samruddhi Thev Yojna)gif 7.10%
999 Days (Samruddhi Thev Yojna)gif 7.10%

*Note- Senior Citizen, Trust/Institutions/Society/ Co-op. Banks will get extra 0.5 (Half Percent)in all Term Deposit schemes except              Samruddhi Thev Yojna & Special Deposit Scheme

Auto Renewal of deposits : -

The Fixed Deposit will be renewed automatically from the date of maturity for a similar period at the interest rate prevailing on the date of maturity for the original period of deposit. (except for Special Deposit Schemes*)

Rules for Matured Deposits : -

If Term Deposit matures and proceeds are unpaid, the amount left unclaimed with the Bank shall attract rate of interest as applicable to savings deposit or the rate of interest on the matured Term Deposit, whichever is lower.